Friday, September 27, 2013

Buckle Up for Flashback Friday

The "Click it or Ticket" seat belt initiatives across the nation seem to be a new phenomena with how frequently the slogan is on television or on road signs along the highways. This however is not new, and we found a 1979 PSA ad for seat belt safety that we thought you would enjoy for Flashback Friday.

What other vehicle safety slogans can you remember off the top of your head?

Stop by the dealership and visit our website to find out how Buick and GMC vehicles keep drivers safe on the roads. Safety is of the utmost importance when driving and we wish you safe travels each and every time you start the car!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trivia Thursday!

For this week's blog post we thought we would have some fun and pose some trivia questions to our followers. You can post your answers either in the comments of this page or on our Facebook (mention the blog) in order to see how you fared. Questions will consist of multiple choice and single answer.

1. How many vehicles has Buick produced able to carry 8 passengers safely?

a) 3  b) 2  c) 6  d) 8

2. What was the name of the first Buick vehicle to reach the 100mph mark?

3. What is the top speed (mph) ever achieved by a mass-produced Buick vehicle?

a) 157  b) 180  c) 137  d) 162

4. In what year did the 1 millionth Buick vehicle roll off the line?

a) 1923  b) 1925  c) 1937  d) 1931

5. How many Indy 500 pace cars have been Buick?

a) 3  b) 9  c) 1  d) 6

Good luck and have a happy Thursday!