Thursday, April 11, 2013


 Love it or fear it, the 1958 Buick is a hard car to ignore. It's pretty much come to symbolize the chrome laden chariots of the late 1950's. A daring car, with Harley Earl's Dazzling Chrome Look all the way from the Fashion Aire Dyna Star Grille (flanked by new dual Vista Vision headlamps) to the chrome adorned tailfins- the 1958 Buick was an exuberant car for an exciting new postwar world.

A student of history will remind you that 1958 was a recession year and that sales of luxurious cars were down, yet the folks at Buick persevered and planned for a brighter future. The economy of 1958 had its challenges for Reynolds Buick too, but we kept our employees busy and our customers happy, as we've tried to do every year since Irv Sr. put up the sign in 1915.

And things were far from all bad- 1958 brought some milestones for us, too- Pete Reynolds took over the management of the dealership from his father, and the irreplacable Deane Salter (the Guinness World Record Holder for the the Automobile Salesperson with the longest continous employment with a single Employer) joined our sales force. It may surprise some to know that both are proud to be still affiliated with Reynolds Buick.

But it won't surprise many of our customers.

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