Monday, April 15, 2013


Another fun day on the Reynolds Buick GMC Facebook Page. Today it's a salute to the men and women who assembled some of our favorite classic Buicks, via vintage photographs of the assembly lines humming along. There are several plants involved, including Buick's Home Plant in Flint as well as the GMAD Assembly Division in Fremont, the ASC plant where Riviera convertibles were made and even the Mitchell-Bentley Plant in Ionia, Michigan that made Buick station wagon bodies.

Oh, and be sure and notice Jackie Gleason picking up a new Roadmaster at the factory back in 1955. Buick Dealers were a sponsor of his TV series, "The Honeymooners." There's a new Riviera body on the line at Fisher, a delta wing '59 Electra 225 and even the roll test simulator where brand new Buicks moved under their own power for the first time.

So spend a few moments with us "on the line"- the Buick Assembly Line:


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