Saturday, April 6, 2013


Philip Roitman's '73 GS 455 Stage 1 Sun Coupe

 We've got a pretty active group of folks over at the Reynolds Buick GMC Facebook Page and it can lead to some great dialogue and sharing of some awesome cars. Every day has a different theme. A week ago Friday, for example, we looked at the restyled Buick Century Gran Sports of 1973. It's a pretty cool car that definitely flies under the radar in the muscle car world.

Pat Harmon's '73 GS 350 with factory 4 speed

 But not to the Reynolds followers. They responded quickly with photos and stories of their own '73 Gran Sports- our follower Philip Roitman owns five beautiful examples by himself- and then Pat Harmon jumped in with his '73 GS 350 4 speed, and Kevin Myers pulled up a picture of the one he had in high school.

Philip Roitman's 73 GS 350 now has a 462.

Sharing Saturdays are a lot of fun for us- it's where we take all the cool Buicks (and GMC) that our followers have submitted during the week and make a whole day out of them on our Facebook page. But today marks the first time that we have enough of one year and model to do a whole Sharing Saturday dedicated to it. So thanks to Tom, Kevin, and Philip, it's the Sharing Saturday 1973 Gran Sport Edition.

Every Sharing Saturday is totally different, and created by our fans, so drop in and check it out soon.

Kevin Myers owned this '73 Century 350 when he was 18. 

Philip Roitman's '73 GS 455 Stage 1

A pair of Philip Roitman's '73 Gran Sports

Philip Roitman with his '73 GS 455 Stage 1 Sun Coupe

Side view of Pat Harmon's '73 GS 350

Bench seat and 4 speed was the factory combination in Pat Harmon's '73 GS 350

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