Friday, July 6, 2012

Deane and the World's Record

Deane Salter is now a Guiness World Record Holder

When you've been in business for Ninety Seven years, a few of things hold true- that you get to know your customers and your employees pretty well, and that if you treat people right, customers will come back and employees will stick around, too. In fact, we're pretty much known for having familiar faces when you come through our door, in both our sales and service departments.

Take Deane Salter for example. Deane had been working in the construction business when the economy took a turndown. Those things happen, of course, but the kids have to be fed, so Deane took a part time job selling Buicks for a young fellow named Pete Reynolds in Covina. That was January of 1958.

Well, Deane's a pretty personable fellow and people liked the straightforward way that he dealt with them, so it wasn't too long before he started building a client base. Pretty soon he was doing better selling Buicks than he was inspecting concrete footings, so when a choice had to be made, Deane stayed with Reynolds Buick. 

In fact, he's been here ever since, and still sells new Buicks and GMCs to not only his long time customers, but their children and grandchildren. One day recently, someone made a comment to Chuck Rhodes about how long Deane has been here, and they asked themselves whether his longevity with us was some kind of record. So Chuck and Don Reynolds contacted the Guinness World Record folks and submitted all kinds of documents and as it turns out, it is some kind of record- the longest continous employment by an Automobile Salesperson with a single Employer at Fifty Four years and Four Months.

So when Deane Salter showed up for work at Reynolds recently and saw his wife Lorraine, son John, daughters Mary Jo, Victoria and Mary Beth, their spouses, and all his grandchildren there, I think it gave him quite a start. But when Chuck Rhodes presented him with the Guinness World Record for his lifetime achievement at Reynolds, he was proud as punch. And we're just as proud of Deane Salter and his family, and pleased to be the kind of dealership where an employee comes and stays for Fifty-five years.

In this world of conglomerates and multinational companies, Reynolds is pleased to be a family owned business that's been part the Covina area for almost 100 years now. So stop by next time you're in the area and ask Deane to show you his world record. He'll be pretty pleased to show it off.  

Chuck Rhodes presents the plaque to Deane Salter

Deane Salter and his wife surrounded by their children and grandchildren. From L, Lee and Christina Watkins, John and Sara Beemer, John and Carol Salter, Victoria, Deane, Lorraine and Mary Beth Salter, Mary Jo, Dominic and Russell Caveness, Jake Salter and Jennifer Salter Vasquez

Don and Pete Reynolds with Deane and Lorraine Salter

Deane and Lorraine with daughters Victoria and Mary Beth

Deane Salter and Pete Reynolds

Not all of our employees are World Record Holders, but they all do a mighty fine job.

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