Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Memories- The Buicks of West Coast Meet

The West Coast Meet, now in it's 27th year, has a different theme each time but one thing is certain - the cars are of exceptional quality and this year was no exception. Personal Luxury Cars were the theme, and that is a segment of the market in which Buick has excelled.

There were several notable Buicks at the show - mostly from the peak of the Personal Luxury Era from 1963 to 1973. A bevy of Rivieras took the field- a car which was always hugely popular for Reynolds- including a gorgeous Cloud Silver '63 with Silver leather, a stunning '65 with the first year concealed headlamps, and two boattails- a '71 GS with buckets and a '72 were represented.

Lots of options too- tilt wheels, air conditioning, and the gamut of wheel choices- from the Riviera cast wheel to the deluxe wire wheel covers and on to the iconic V2 Chrome Plated Road Wheel by Motor Wheel Corporation that will forever be a Buick classic.

Add to the mix a '65 Wildcat convertible, a sporty '72 Skylark Custom convertible with bucket seats and floor shift, and even a '95 Riviera representing the last of a proud lineage. Add it all together and the result is an awesome display of some of Buick's finest- take a moment and check out the Buicks of West Coast Meet:


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