Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Mailbag- The Bet

Not all of the letters in Irv Sr.'s files were serious business transactions. To wit, this letter from November 6, 1935 from the Howard Automobile Company.

Recall that Howard Automobile Company, headed by the legendary Charles S. Howard, was the distributor for Buick in the entire state of California and that Irv Reynolds Sr. had been selected by none other than Charles himself to become a Buick franchised dealer in 1915.

This communication comes from the desk of Howard W. Tuttle, General Manager, Howard Automobile Company and concerns business of an urgent nature. Important dealer meeting? Sales objective? New franchise requirements? No, not this time.

The letter contained a check for five dollars to pay off a football bet. Five bucks. That's all. Apparently Sr. and Mr. Tuttle had a little friendly wager over a California game, and apparently Sr. was the winner. One is of the impression that Sr, won most of his bets.

And this little letter remains, a momento of a friendly bet between two Gentlemen.

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