Monday, September 12, 2011

Irv and the Ad Man

We think of advertising as a glamorous profession filled with dashing ad men and their exciting world of products to introduce and promote to the world- the whole Mad Men scenario.

Well, this week's letter brings Don Draper back in time a bit. It's from a satisfied customer named Dana Jones who is writing Irv Sr. to tell him that he had traded in his Buick on another make.

No dissatisfaction with the fine Buick automobile, he states, or the excellent service he received from Reynolds- but as an ad man, he had taken the Paul G. Hoffman account and felt obligated to purchase the Studebaker he will now be representing.

Okay, Studebaker doesn't exactly bring Don Draper and the Mad Men to mind, but bear in mind that it was a well respected make that sold well in Southern California. It was not however, as Mr. Jones undoubtedly noticed on his drive home, the equal of a Buick.

Eighty-four years later, it is well worth noting that Reynolds Buick is open for business bright and early every morning and the fine old Studebaker company has been defunct for over forty-five years.

Perhaps Mr. Jones should have asked Irv Sr. for his business, instead.

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