Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beautiful Scenery and Beautiful Buicks

Another weekend, another car show full of Classic Buicks. This week, our correspondent is in the seaside resort town of Saugatuck, Michigan, on the shore of Lake Michigan. The annual car show there he attended had some delectible Buicks on display, including a brace of sexy Riviera personal luxury coupes- the original 1963, the first restyle from 1967, and the unforgettable downsized Riviera of 1984. In addition, there were on display, all three body styles of the majestic 1965-66 Electra 225- four door hardtop, sexy convertible and even the rarely seen two door coupe. These great Buicks look just like they rolled off the showroom floor at Reynolds! Best of Show was presented to another Buick, a 1941 Century Torpedoback sedan with Compound Carburetion in a fascinating red clay color.

Beautiful Midwestern scenery and beautiful Buicks- enjoy!

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