Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Mailbox: Irv and the 1947 World Series

The 1947 World Series was a New York event, pitting the New York Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers. The match up took all seven games to decide, with the Yankees winning the title on their home turf of Yankee Stadium.

Out on the west coast, our favorite Buick dealer, Irv Reynolds Sr., wanted to see the series, so he wrote to Leslie O'Connor of the Chicago White Sox to see if he could assist.

A charming reply from Comiskey Park arrived on Sept. 16, 1947, advising Irv Sr. that he could assist with the Yankees games (and thereby the deciding game) but that he hadn't been on speaking terms with the Dodgers President for over twenty five years.

The two teams would rematch in 1955 at which time the Dodgers would win, before moving west in 1957 to become our beloved Los Angeles Dodgers.

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