Monday, July 11, 2011

Beautiful Buicks

Last week our correspondent was traveling up to San Luis Obispo for a classic car show so we asked him to take some pictures of any cool Buicks that he encountered.

He was showing a classic 1972 Riviera, a low mileage beauty still sporting Reynolds frames. It was renowned for its dramatic boattail styling, and he reports that the car was trouble free throughout the 650 mile journey. Along the way, he encountered a number of beautiful Buicks including a 1957 Special hardtop in black, a white 1955 Century which had been purchased new by the owner's uncle, a sleek razor sharp 1965 Riviera in a dramatic deep blue, a 1958 Special in shades of blue, and a pair of gorgeous 1965 Wildcats to dream about- a convertible in bright red and a coupe in aqua and white- both loaded with bucket seats, floor shifts and lots of accessories. So take a moment and look at some of the beautiful Buicks.

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