Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Conclusion: Billy Casper Incident, Part 3

So we're speeding toward a conclusion in our PGA Legend Billy Casper incident.

You will recall that in Part I
, our founder Irv Reynolds, Sr. was struck by a gold ball driven by PGA Hall of Famer Billy Casper while watching the Buick sponsored "Tournament of Champions" event at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, and sent a letter to Mrs. Casper.

In Part II we saw a response
from the F. W. Harrity Insurance Company denying responsibility for the incident. Of course we were surprised that an Insurance Co. would do such a thing.

So how did Irv. Sr. respond? In a letter dated Feb. 8, 1966, Sr. writes back to the owner of the Insurance company and advises him that he has no intention of suing or seeking a settlement (that really isn't something that he would ever have done) but that Mrs. Casper asked him to see a doctor and told him they had insurance for that, and that he only wanted his doctor bill and the extra night at the hotel reimbursed, and nothing more. A gentleman through and through.

Reynolds Buick
continues to this day to be guided by the values of our founder, Irven Reynolds Sr. We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into his letters.

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