Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Mailbag: Fairness for Dr. Fairchild

This week's letter has a charm all it's own. It was written to Irv Sr. by a man named James Fairchild, who was a Dentist in LaVerne. Now of course, when one receives a note from a Dentist, the first thing that jumps into mind is often pain, but read on and this is far from the case.

A fine longhand script letter from June 20, 1939 details how Dr. Fairchild purchased a used Buick from Reynolds Buick in late 1938 (that would have been at our Citrus and Bedillo location) and it had an engine problem related to using too much oil.

Used car warranties were unheard of in those days- indeed the NEW Buick warranty at the time was only 90 days- but Reynolds Buick stood behind their car and replaced the piston rings, this solving the problem for Dr. Fairchild, and he wrote a letter of thanks to Irv Sr. for the fairness treatment which Reynolds showed to him.

Although many things have changed in the world since 1915, two things that haven't changed are the Reynolds Family who still own and operate Reynolds Buick GMC Isuzu, and their commitment to customer satisfaction which is as important today as it was with Dr. Fairchild way back in 1939.

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