Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Memories- Unconquerable

 Perhaps the name was too inaccessible. Latin, of all things. Never mind that it meant unconquerable, many people didn't know how to pronounce it. Noble name, but for whatever reason it never caught on.

Invicta. In-VIC-ta. Introduced with the 1959 models as one of three new model names. Its sisters Electra and LeSabre would go on to become classic Buick names. But Invicta would soon disappear. 

By 1962, when this gorgeous convertible was produced, it was already obsolete. A sporty midyear coupe was already announced which was called Wildcat. By 1963, all of the Invicta models except one would be Wildcats.

Look at the sumptous leather interior- bucket seats, no less. Loaded including tilt wheel and factory air conditioning. The Invicta was advertised as being "The Most Spirited Buick", and this convertible seems to capture the sporty flavor pretty well. 

Many options- tilt wheel, bucket seats, leather trim, Sonomatic radio, Turbine Drive Automatic Transission, even Buick Carpet Savers over the loop pile carpeting. The clock was standard on Invicta.

Optional rear seat speaker behind a chrome grille with a tri-shield logo- sporty!

 The Most Spirited Buick- Invicta!

The Wildcat took the place of the Invicta for 1963 and was a sporty and popular offering, and the Invicta was all but forgotten, except that now and again a gorgeous Invicta like this Bimini Blue example rolls into a car show and makes our hearts go all a-flutter again. In that sense it truly is unconquerable.

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  1. This car does not have a tilt wheel. Which wasn't even an option on GM cars until 1963.