Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Memories: Pete and Hutch

Hutch and Pete with a new '63 Riviera in the Old Showroom

Hutch actually came before Pete, a point which he delighted in bringing up. Jim Hutchison joined Reynolds Buick in 1949, Irven G. "Pete" Reynolds Jr. not until 1950. But they were both young, go-getter guys, and they got along very well. Which is a good thing, because they had to get along for a lot of years. Hutch had already worked his way up to Sales Manager when Pete took over the dealership reins in 1958, and the situation seemed to work just fine. It did, all the way up to Hutch's retirement in the summer of 1987.

Here, in candid shots from Pete's desk drawer, is proof that people can be coworkers and friends at the same time, and also its a reminder that when people come to work for Reynolds Buick GMC, they're in it for the long haul.

Pete and Hutch consult with a salesperson at Pete's desk, 1964

Pete with his BUICK1 and Hutch with his HUTCH8, 1971. 

Pete and Hutch chatting with GMAC officials, 1974

Pete and Hutch check out a new kind of Buick, the 1975 Skylark V-6

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