Friday, January 27, 2012

Red and Ready: Our 1959 Invicta

We wrote about this one in some detail last November. Our 1959 Tampico Red Invicta, the first of the Reynolds Racers and the one that started it all. Called "The Winningest Buick of All Time," this car accumulated an astonishing 132 trophies in its career before being retired in 1961. On its first run, the Tampico Red finned beauty turned a 15.0 at 90 mph. With milled heads and a 4.44 rear end, the time dropped to 14.70 at 93 mph.

The car that we regret we were so busy making history, we didn't do a good job of recording it. Before this picture arrived this week, we'd never even seen it in color before. But here it is indeed, brand new and bright red, at Pomona Dragway in early 1959.

The young fellow crouched beside the car is legendary tuner and Reynolds Buick's longtime friend Jim Bell. Behind the wheel is the legendary Pop Kennedy. One wonders how many of the 132 trophies they accumulated that weekend. 

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