Friday, January 6, 2012

Fast Friday: Gran Sport Opel

We had lots of fun with our Opel Showroom Stock Racing Class article last time but it raised an additional question- since we're world famous for drag racing some of the fastest Buicks of all time, did we ever try drag racing an Opel? Well, the surprising answer to the question is a resounding yes.

Take a look at these pictures from 1965- here's out 1965 Opel Kadett "Gran Sport" racer. It took on more than a few Volkswagens and won its own share of trophies- several of whom are seen on the hood. Of course, it's not really a GS- but rather a Kadett Sport Coupe, model 32, and carried a base price of only $1,778.00.

It wasn't quite as much of a contender as the big 401s, owing in part to its 1100cc engine, but its light curb weight of 1442 pounds allowed it to make the most of what it had. Also note the tiny rear wheels- an attempt to improve the launch ability of the little Kadett.

Shown behind the wheel is longtime salesperson and friend of Reynolds, Ed Dilliard. We've asked him if he has any racing stories to share with us, so we expect there'll be even more to come on the Opel "Gran Sport" Drag Racing adventure.

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