Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Mailbag: Silver Anniversary, 1940

We're continuing on the theme we started last week, that being notable Reynolds Buick GMC Anniversaries. And since we're in our 96th year under the same ownership, there have been a lot of them.

Here this week is another congratulatory letter on our 25th Anniversary, which was in the year 1940. It is worth noting that there were a whole lot of manufacturers that went bust in the depression, let alone dealers. So even if someone did a good job as a dealer, if he represented the wrong line, such as Essex, Locomobile, Erskine, Dort, or maybe Auburn, he wasn't going to have a long affiliation.

Fortunately, Irv Sr, aligned himself with Buick and GMC, two quality products of General Motors and the result has been a long and happy relationship. This week's letter was from the California Buick Distributor, the Howard Automobile Company, and is signed by their General Manager, Mr. Harold W. Tuttle. Remember it was Mr. Charles Howard himself who selected Irv. Sr to be a Buick dealer back in 1915- I'm thinking that by now, he had realized that he made a pretty good choice. Actually, they both did.

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