Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Mailbag: our 25th Anniversary in Print

Reynolds Buick circa 1940.

Our coverage of Reynolds' Silver Anniversary continues. Today we are sharing the front page of the Covina Argus, May 30, 1940. The Covina Argus was itself in its fifty-fifth year, and one of the oldest newspapers in the valley, published from 1995 until 1945 when it merged with the Citizen, and creating the Argus Citizen, which was replaced by the Highlander down the line before merging with the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Our own history is much more straightforward. Irven Reynolds, Sr, signed a sales agreement with Charles Howard in 1915 and became a Buick dealer. His son Pete took over in 1958, and his grandson Don took the reins in 1999. One family, in its ninety-sixth year.

This article helps to explain why. The article shared here is on the front page, and is highly affectionate in tone- even downright playful in places. It pays tribute to Irv. Sr as businessman, civic leader, and friend, and ends with a bit of lightheartedness. The fact that these original clippings were found in Irv's desk some forty years later says as much about him as the article itself.

Presented in as found condition, complete with rough scissor cuts, here is the front page of the Argus Citizen, from the desk of Irven Reynolds, Sr:

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