Friday, August 24, 2012

Photos of the Week: New '55s and Mackinac '58

Another great week for photos and fun on the Reynolds Buick GMC Facebook Page, and we strongly suggest that you check it out if you haven't already. Our most popular images this week were both historic images of brand new Buicks. 

Our top image. "New '55s" was a shot of a truckload of brand new 1955 Buicks aboard a J. T. Boutell Driveaway Company hauler. Boutell was the contracted hauling company for Buick for decades, and hauled millions of Buicks to waiting dealers. Note that the side of the trailer carries a safe driving banner- don't want to see any of those beauties dinged up!  


In second place this week was "Mackinac '58", a factory photo of a brand new '58 Special crossing the equally spanking new Mackinac Bridge, which linked the lower and upper Peninsulas of Michigan when it opened in November of 1957. The lack of traffic around makes us think they probably staged this scene prior to the actual opening date. 

The '58 is a really beauty, with the Fashion Aire Dynastar grille, consisting of 160 individual chrome plates stars and flanked by the dual Vista Vision headlamps. Note also the fender ornaments atop each front fender. Quite a picture. 

Be sure and check in at the Reynolds Buick GMC Facebook Page often. We have new images and smart conversations every day. See you next week! 

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