Friday, August 10, 2012

Photos of the week: Low to Go, and Black and Yellow

It's been a busy week for the Reynolds Buick Facebook Page. We reached record viewership - over 33,000 interactions during the last week, and it's keeping us busy providing new contact daily and having some great conversations on our wall. If you haven't visited yet, do check us out.

Top photo this week was a runaway favorite I call "Low to Go"- it's a great shot of a beautifully restored '55 Special in the first-year Riviera Hardtop style. It look almost stock except for the wire wheels and the super low slam. All in all, an eye catcher and our top photo of the week,

Closing quickly on the leader was "Black and Yellow", a Saturn Yellow 1970 GSX in pristine condition. Now it's hard to go wrong with any GSX, especially Saturn Yellow, so I'm not surprised that the car Buick built to turn heads still does so today, over forty- two years since it made its debut on the stand at the Chicago Auto Show. We've written extensively about the GSX here on the Reynolds Blog, check out our Get to Know: GSX Series.

And don't forget to stop by the Reynolds Buick GMC Facebook Page for daily updates including great images and daily conversation. See you next week!

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