Monday, June 4, 2012

MONDAY MEMORIES: Pop at the 1961 Indy Nationals

The 1961 NHRA National Championship Deag Races were held in Indianapolis at the brand new Indianapolis Raceway park over Labor Day weekend of 1961. Pop Kennedy had been doing well with the Reynolds Buick '61 Invicta and Pete Reynolds agreed to pay for the trip to Indy. Pop put the racing slicks in the trunk and went off to Indianapolis. 

He had quite a weekend, winning the D-Stock Automatic Class with a 15.19 second run at 92.21 mph. Even better, in the stock class points total, Pop and the big red Buick won second place overall. His prize was a deluxe set of Vulcan tools, 162 pieces and a tool box, all presented to him by Vulcan tools. To say it was a happy drive home to Reynolds is an understatement. 

And now we know why we had pictures of Pop in our showroom with trophies, the Invicta, and all of these shiny new tools. Here's the coverage from the November 1961 issue of Hot Rod Magazine and a couple of our old pictures which we now understand more fully.   

Pop Kennedy and Pete Reynolds with the '61 Invicta, trophies,  and Vulcan tools

Pop Kennedy and his prizes

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