Friday, June 1, 2012

FRIDAY FEATURE: 72 Skylark Custom- Two Owners in Four Decades

Another fun Friday Feature- This time we're looking at an all original 1972 Buick Skylark Custom recently acquired by one of our customers. Prior to its arrival in Southern California last month, the Skylark had passed through two owners in forty years.

The original owner, a bachelor named Myron, purchased the car brand new April of 1972. He chose a well equipped example, with a 350 V8, Turho Hydramatic, Air Conditioning, Sonomatic radio, speed minder, left and right mirrors, body side molding and even door edge guards. Myron must have been very pleased with the car and kept it sparkling like new until he traded the car in eleven years later in May of 1983.

 A young man working on the wash rack of the Buick dealership took a liking to the trade in and convinced the sales manager to let him buy the car. And there it stayed for the next twenty nine years. During that time Jace grew into adulthood, married Carla, and raised their own family with the Buick happily in the corner of the garage. With their own daughter preparing for college, Jace decided the time was right to find a new owner for the Skylark after forty years in exactly two sets of hands.

As it enters it's forty- first year, the little Skylark is 100% original cosmetically- paint, interior, chrome, rubber- all factory finishes. The car runs like a scared rabbit and handles well. The odometer shows just 59,000 miles. We wish our customer, Brad, well with his new acquisition and thank him for sharing the sweet story with the Reynolds family.  

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