Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Feature: Play Misty for Me

 A couple weeks back we ran an article called Get to Know: The 1971 Buick GSX in which we showed a photo of each of the six colors available in 1971. That led to an email from Scott Roys of Midland, Texas whose Platinum Mist car was shown. He gave us some backstory on the car and we thought it would make a great Friday Feature.

The "Roys Boys" are a Buick family. Father Curtis Roys has owned some great '70s Buicks over the years, including a 1972 Skylark Sun Coupe, a Centurion convertible, and an Apollo White 1970 GSX, and currently has a couple of GS 455s.   Brother Tim is guilty of totalling a 1971 GS back in his high school days, and currently owns a 1970 GS 455 which he drives much more carefully.

Scott's 1971 GSX is named "Misty" for its Platinum Mist color, a rich silver metallic with a slight blue cast- which means Misty's color changes in the sunlight. The Platinum Mist looks awesome with the GSX striping and makes a strong visual impression overall.

"Misty" came to the Roys family in 2006 from Arizona. The prior owner had acquired a totalled 1971 GSX and moved all of the components to a new body shell, including the original matching number drive train. He restored the car exactly as the original had been built, including finishing it in the same Platinum Mist color . The restoration was so authentic that Misty rode on Goodyear Polyglas G-60 -15 Bias Ply tires on 7-inch wide Buick V2 chrome wheels.

Now Scott Roys is a drive kind of guy, so a set of raised white letter radials were quickly fitted to those chrome rims. And after an oil pump failure on the original 455 engine, he began thinking about the power train as well. The original engine was rebuilt, of course, but Scott had the opportunity to acquire a John Massoud specially built Iron Head Stage 1 engine and Scott jumped at the chance.

The new engine dyno tested at 606 hp before shipment, and is now installed in Misty's engine bay, complete with all original power accessories and working A/C. Misty went to the 2008 GS nationals with the new engine and ran an 11.34 at 119.8 mph- pretty phenomenal run for a fully dressed, street driven, luxurious loaded Buick.

We at Reynolds Buick have a soft spot for these particular beauties (having owned a pretty fast one ourselves) and would like to thank Scott Roys and the Roys family for sharing Misty with us. That's one fine looking Buick, guys.

Check out Misty at the 2008 GS Nationals turning an 11.34 at 119.8 MPH:

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