Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Mailbag: The California Citrograph

Another week, another letter that serves as a Southern California history lesson (just don't tell the kids that they're learning!) This week's letter is dated February 29, 1932 and comes from Edward Street, publisher of the California Citrograph

The Citrograph was a magazine for the orange grower that was published from 1915 through 1969. Its purpose was to further the interests of the citrus industry and study the conditions affecting the promotion of subtropical agriculture. It is quite likely that Irv Sr., whose family owned orange groves and who began his own career in the citrus industry, and Mr. Street were probably quite well acquainted. 

In addition to proving that 1932 was a leap year, Mr, Street thanks Irv Sr. for having his head mechanic make adjustments to his family Buick. He commented that the mechanic insisted there was no charge, and "no amount of argument seemed to change his attitude." Mr. Street admits that although Buick service is good, that the Reynolds team went above and beyond and he wrote the letter to thank Sr. for the courtesy.

It's nice to know that Reynolds has been offering excellent service for ninety-six years now, and we hope to continue for another ninety-six.


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