Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wagon Wednesday

Our Reynolds Buick GMC Facebook Page is busier than ever with daily images, special offers, and lively conversation with Buick folks. Each day is built around a theme, such as Fast Friday for the performance minded folks and Sharing Saturday when we look at the photos all of you have sent us during the week.

One of our most popular days is Wagon Wednesday, where we look at some of the great Buick Station Wagons of days gone by. Of course, the wood bodied wagons are real crowd pleasers. They're not "Woodies" according to the Buick recordkeepers- but rather "Estate Wagons" and were offered between 1940 and 1953. At the time, Buick wagons were very popular cars among celebrities and on some of the finest Estates. Think of them as the luxury SUV of their day. 

  Here's a sampling of Buick Estate Wagons from our Reynolds Facebook Page- why don't you drop by and check it out soon?  

Buick didn't offer wagons until 1940, but that didn't stop Jim Pascoe from building his own.

This 1940 Estate Wagon was featured in the 1978 Buick brochure.

The hinged tail lamps on this 1948 Estate Wagon can be seen with the tailgate lowered.

This 1953 Super Estate Wagon has been restored in a fanciful color.

Note the detailing on the tailgate of this 1951 Estate Wagon:

This 1951 Estate Wagon outfitted with a wooden canoe.

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