Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hot Wheels Buicks- Big fun in a small size

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday this year, and just in case Santa forgot to bring you the classic Buick you really wanted, there's good news in that the folks at Hot Wheels might just be able to fill the void. The iconic Hot Wheels toys, introduced in 1968, featured metalflake paint jobs and patented go-fast Mag Wheels. and over the years, have paid tribute to quite a few of our favorite Buicks. Having raced our share of Buicks over the years ourselves, here are a few we particularly enjoy:

Of course we love the boattail. This 1971 Riviera was introduced in 2005. It has been issued in a myriad of colors, including dark teal, purple, gold, blue and Bright Red. The model does an excellent job of capturing the boattail styling.

And you have to have an original Riviera for your collection. This 1964 was introduced back in 2002 and is still available. It has been issued in orange, ice blue, white, lime green, matte black, and even magenta.

This cool 1957 Century "Caballero" wagon was introduced in 2007. It has been issued in orange and white, dark blue, yellow and white, and Ice Blue with white. It is based on the first "pillarless" Buick station wagon.

The 1970 GSX was introduced in 2009. At launch, it was issued in the original factory color combinations of White and Saturn Yellow with black stripes. Later editions were red, metallic blue, metallic green, and orange. A MUST have for a Buick fan!

And that brings us to the iconic Grand National, or "Darth Buick" as we used to call it. Introduced in 2007, it was initially offered in period perfect black with black and grey interiors. Later issues have been in a cornucopia of colors- blues, red, greys, maroon- all fun but a cool black is a MUST HAVE.

Search out your own favorite Hot Wheels Buicks here.

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