Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet on the Street- Fast Friday, Street Rod Style

Yes, it's another Fast Friday, and while we love to talk about our Buicks from the nailhead era, it's also true that Buick's performance reputation goes back to the straight-eight days of the early thirties. In fact, Buick is a darn popular car among street rodders for its beautiful styling. Sometimes they modify the Buick straight eight, and sometimes they use modern V-8 power. Many times they end up with air conditioning and all of the creature comforts of modern cars. 

Sometimes they lower them, sometimes they chop the tops, sometimes they do resto-rods that look almost totally stock, but which ever way, they're always instantly recognizable as Buicks and there's no doubt that they love their Buicks. Here's a salute to some of the cool Buick street rods out there. Take a look:

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