Friday, September 28, 2012

PHOTOS OF THE WEEK: '53 Choo Choo and Black '59

It's been a busy week on the Reynolds Buick GMC Facebook Page with lots of great images and cool discussion for the Buick and GMC fan. Volume is way up and we hope it's because you like our page and keep returning. 

Our Photo of the Week is called "'53 Choo Choo," and it's a marvelous winter image of a '53 Buick Super waiting for a steam locomotive to pass on a crisp snowy day. We're uncertain of the age of the image but we think it's fantastic and well deserving of its Photo of the Week victory.

Coming in a close second is another awesome image we call "Black '59," a factory pose of an all new 1959 Buick convertible about to pull out of a suburban driveway. 1959 was a significant year for Buick not just for its all new car which is one of my all time favorites, but it was also the year that Buick changed advertising agencies as well.

McCann-Erickson began a long affiliation with Buick this year, and created a dynamic campaign that was centered around dramatic color photography instead of renderings. The quality of their work was extremely high and that's why there are so many great 1959 Buick photos like this one.

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  1. The photos have very vibrant colors. Marvelous! Seeing these photos makes it even harder not to fall in love with the classic beauty of Buick all over again. ^.~

    Leisa Dreps