Friday, April 20, 2012

FAST FRIDAY: Grand National Part III- 1985

After the success of the mid-year 1984 Grand National, there was no surprise that Buick continued the Black Beauty into the 1985 model year with minimal changes. The car was still offered in black only with an exterior blackout package, indeed there are no distinct exterior changes from the 1984 model.

The biggest change is inside, where the seats, although still two tone gray and black with the V6 Turbo logo embroidered on the headrest, now have a black cloth insert instead of black leather. Production increased very slightly this year, with a total of 2,105 Grand National being assembled. In addition, there were 1,575 regular T-Type Regals built without the Grand National package.

The powertrain had minimal changes for 1985, and the 3/8 Litre SFI turbo continued to develop 200 HP, although at a slightly lower 4400 RPM (the 300 ft/lbs of torque at 2400 RPM was unchanged). The THM 200 Transmission remained the only offering to transmit the power to the wheels.

Factory options for 1985 Grand Nationals included  Hatch roof (CC1) or Silver Glass Astroroof (CF5), Theft deterrent system (UA6), Electronic Cruise Control (K34), Electronic Touch Climate Control (C68), Rear Window Defogger (C49), Electronic Instrumentation (U52) and Electric Trunk Lock release (A90). The Hatch Roof was a highly popular and prized option. 

And while the 1985 Grand National was little changed from the 1984, that was not a sign of indifference from Buick. Great things were in the works for Darth Buick and 1986 would prove to be a game changer.

The exterior of the 1985 Grand National was unchanged

The 1985 GN still features bright framed black grille

1985 Grand National with non-stock painted grille

Revised 1985 interior with two tone cloth seating

Leather trim was deleted for 1985

Grand National badging was unchanged for 1985

Alloy wheels with black painted accents were continued in 1985
Bad to the Bone- Your Editor with his 1985 Grand National, July 1986

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