Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Memories: It's a Match

It can be a lot of fun going through Irv. Sr's desk. It's full of the exactly the type of ephemera one would expect to accumulate while operating a hometown Buick-GMC dealership for sixty years. Besides all of the wonderful letters, and the photographs, and the newspaper articles, there's a lot of fun old Buick stuff.

This matchbook was in his desk drawer. It's printed in four colors with two glamorous full color pictures of new Buicks on the outside- a Roadmaster Riviera Four Door Hardtop in Bedford Blue with a White top is on one face, and a Tahitian Coral and White two-toned 1956 Special convertible on the other. The lid says "Best Buick Yet."

Inside there are listed the many advantages of the 1956 models, such as the Variable Pitch Dymaflow and the new Color Harmony, along with the imprint of our favorite local dealer, Irven G. Reynolds at Citrus and Badillo. It's very quaint and fun, but it was also a smart merchandising idea in its day when the vast majority of adult men smoked. The piece itself was printed for Buick by Universal Match Company in Detroit and sold to the local dealers by the factory in bulk lots. A great souvenir of a very special time.

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