Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Mailbag: Mom's Buick

This week's mailbag came not as a letter, but as a series of photographs from our Facebook fan Mike. Mike sent us family photos of his Mother, Gladys, along with her very first new car. She bought the Buick in the Summer of 1949 in her hometown near Akron, Ohio and drove out west with her mother Theresa. They paused for the winter in New Mexico before driving to Long Beach, where they bought a brand new Pan American trailer home to live in.

The car is a 1950 Buick Special Sedanette, Model 46-S in Cumberland Gray with optional Dynaflow Automatic Transmission. Although it was sold as a 1950, the redesigned Special went on sale in April of 1949. According to our friends at the Buick Club of America, Gladys' Buick had a base price when new of $ 1,856 and is one of 8,124 such models produced. Wouldn't you love to know where it is today?

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