Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buick's Moment of Truth

As we noted in our previous post, much of Buick’s current success can be attributed to the complete overhaul in both construction quality and design philosophy. As a testament to how strongly the Buick brand believes in the caliber of the vehicles it produces, the company is launching a new social media campaign that will allow you, the consumer, to voice your opinion on every aspect of its vehicles, both good and bad. It’s fitting then, that the new campaign is titled simple, “Buick’s Moment of Truth.”

It likely goes without saying that, despite almost unanimous praise from the auto industry as of late, the Buick nameplate itself still remains somewhat problematic, especially as discussed by consumers. Although the brand has long been synonymous with American built luxury and class, it’s pretty evident that there are a number of people with dissenting opinions. What Buick (and we, as a dealership proud to sell its vehicles) is hoping is that, in an age where public opinion has largely and understandably turned on large corporate entities who are all too willing to sacrifice what’s best for their customers just to make an extra dollar or two, this transparency will show that Buick has absolutely nothing to hide.

That said, we’d fully encourage our customers to leave their opinions of our vehicles on Buick’s Moment of Truth site once it launches. As you’ve likely experienced, we here at Reynolds Buick GMC go out of our way to make sure you leave our lot with not just a great car, but great customer service and the distinct impression that you’re part of our family. And, while we take care to put effort into ensuring that you drive off 100% satisfied, our efforts are just as much an extension of the brand philosophy behind Buick.

We’ll keep you posted on the site’s progress, and let you know when it launches.

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